Little Deal Cottage – Seaside Weekend Getaways

Looking for a weekend getaway by the seaside, we’ve got a great “Little Deal Cottage’ for you!

The madness and mayhem of Christmas is over, New Year has been and gone, chocolates were scoffed, decorations are down, and the tree is stashed somewhere in the attic. Welcome to 2018, your bright sparkling brand new year. What are you going to do with it?

Many of us have made more realistic resolutions this year, to actually better ourselves and our lives. Instead of wondering how to lose weight, how to stop smoking, how to drink less, or how to get rich quick, we’re wondering how we can be nicer to ourselves. We all worked far too hard in 2017, we all put way too much pressure on ourselves. And did it do anyone any good?

So it’s unsurprising that many of us are resolving to relax more this year, spend more time with friends and family, and attempt to achieve that ever elusive work life balance. It seems like an illusion, or something that everyone else manages to grasp, everyone else can afford…

Well, fear not, it can be done! And it can be done by you, in a cost effective, time efficient way.

Everyone needs a little weekend getaway now and again, to recharge the batteries. Everyone needs some downtime, some quiet time, some me-time, to give them that boost and motivation to keep their achievements and successes ticking along nicely.

Picture a perfect little cottage, with everything you could possibly need, for a few days away from it all. Forget the expensive city break, packed like sardines, in a cramped neon orange flight. You can hop on a train or jump in the car and get away from London in an hour and a half, park right outside the blue front door, take a leisurely stroll to the beach, pick up some fish and chips, and be back to the cottage again while they’re still hot enough to eat.

You could spend a couple of days in bed, in the garden, on the beach, or explore the town of Deal; a classic English seaside town on the Kent coastline, complete with refreshing sea air to detox anyone who wants to escape the city smog. It could easily be the setting of a romance novel and the peace and quiet would inspire many writers and artists seeking that peaceful break from daily life to write, paint, create, or simply daydream. But what are you looking for, in a weekend away?

The Little Deal Cottage is the perfect little deal to make all of your weekend wishes come true.

For more information on booking the Little Deal Cottage click here.


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