Caffe Lambro – Who Knew Prosecco was Vegan?

Who Knew Prosecco Was Vegan? Caffe Lambro Did.

Forget January, the first month of 2018 has been renamed Veganuary, and going vegan has become the most-talked about topic of conversation all over the UK, with Instagram awash with new profiles promoting healthy living, fruit and vegetable detoxes, weight loss diets, and various vegan themed hashtags. Motivation is high right now to jump on the New Year, New You bandwagon and going vegan can make you feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, while avoiding any animal cruelty, or carbon footprint guilt. It seems to be the answer to everything at the moment, and maybe your bikini body or wedding diet should follow suit.

Going vegan feels like a new beginning, a new chapter in your life, and your wedding day is the same. It’s the first day of the rest of your life together, the beginning of your happily ever after, and Caffe Lambro have combined the two with their latest revelation: vegan prosecco carted into the midst of your event, served from their beautifully classy prosecco vans, and at less than 80 calories a glass that’s fewer calories than a banana! Who needs a nutribullet?

Even if you don’t go vegan in the lead up to the big day, consider all these new vegans attending your wedding in the summer, adding comments to their RSVP that may have previously included gluten free, dairy free, or lactose free meal requests and wanting to know the ingredients of everything. Well now they’ve all gone vegan on top of everything else you were factoring in, and even the alcohol has to be examined. But has anyone spared a thought for the catering team, the already stressed wedding planner, the bride on the brink of becoming a bridezilla, or the poor ushers who have no idea what’s vegan and what’s not?

It could be a complicated strategic balancing act, or you could go simple and make everything vegan. Either way, the best thing to do is get everyone a glass of something bubbly. Caffe Lambro can cater for your entire wedding party with their vegan friendly prosecco, and the non-vegans won’t be complaining either. Not only does prosecco meet every guest’s dietary needs, but it’s also been statistically proven more popular than ever, beating champagne sales by ten to one over Christmas and New Year. With 9.5 bottles of prosecco sold for every single bottle of champagne, that’s better odds than the best man hitting it off with a bridesmaid. Prosecco is topping the charts for favourite fizz throughout the country, and Caffe Lambro have the sparkly stuff by the caseload.

Don’t you and your guests deserve the nation’s favourite on your big day?

For more information on booking vegan bubbles on your wedding day click here.


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