Caffe Lambro – Italian Valentines

The Italians Won’t Be Disappointing The Ladies This Valentine’s Day, Will You?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, girls all over the globe are crossing their fingers for something special, and hoping the boys won’t let them down. Do you know how important 14th February is? Listen up, guys, we’ve got a little advice for you.

No matter what a girl says, she definitely wants something. If she says she doesn’t, she’s setting you up to surprise her. Don’t worry. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when a cliché gets a free pass. No girl would scold you for ordering a dozen red roses, a giant teddy bear, or for scattering petals on the bed. Just do something, anything, because if you can’t get this right, how can she trust you to book the prosecco van hire on your big day?

Don’t take our word for it, look at the Italians. Italian men know how to speak many languages of love, and indulge their women with food, style, opera, and gorgeous vintage cars. They have all the moves when it comes to charming women, and we’ve seen them in action on our many visits to Italy. Every man could benefit by borrowing something from their repertoire, just as we’ve borrowed some of their classic vans to schmooze our clientele with.

It’s simple. You’ve just got to show her you know her, with fresh flowers in her favourite colour, or vegan chocolate truffles, or by booking a table for two at that restaurant down the road, the one she loves, and you not-so-secretly hate. Just prove that you pay attention to what she likes, and put her pleasure before your own.

If you decide to bow out of all the fuss and go for a classy M&S dinner for two, even they know that it wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of bubbles. And every wine connoisseur knows prosecco is best paired with… any special occasion. Every Italian knows prosecco is best served… ladies first, chilled, and preferably from a Caffe Lambro van at a wedding, or one of this year’s major UK Music Festivals – perhaps a couple of tickets would make the perfect gift?

Most importantly, don’t forget the card. And don’t forget to book Caffe Lambro well in advance, to avoid disappointing the ladies. The Italians wouldn’t.

Click here to book one of our vintage prosecco vans


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