Caffe Lambro – Prosecco As The Driving Force Behind Reality TV

lambro proseccoProsecco has become the latest fashion trend across the UK, with celebrities accessorising their every move with flute filled to the brim with bubbly. Although prosecco is a classy choice of beverage, and Caffe Lambro serves it in that style, some celebrities are cheapening its reputation. The flute of prosecco held delicately in their manicured fingers is the only classy thing about them.

Charlotte Dawson can’t get enough of the stuff and has been seen to knock back glass after glass of prosecco on her TV appearances on Celebs Go Dating while Frankie Cocozza was attempting to get her into bed. Following their non-confirmed break-up, Charlotte went on a daily bender while working at the Five Star Hotel in Greece recently, alongside Spencer Matthews, Lydia Bright, Joey Essex and Holly Hagan, another celeb to tarnish the prosecco name. But we can’t knock Charlotte’s devotion to the ‘fizzy wine’, because whenever she appears on television, she demands prosecco, with her prawn cocktail crisps, cheesy chips & gravy. At least she’s consistent.

Due to Channel 4 and E4 shows alone, prosecco shares must be soaring, as couples on First Dates and guests at The First Dates Hotel are ordering prosecco throughout dinner, while contestants on Love Island are plied with the stuff in the hope that they’ll get drunk enough to make some gripping reality TV. Prosecco has a lot to answer for, considering most of those couples are still together.

But our saving grace is the show Made In Chelsea, who’s stars are decidedly classy and just as interesting as the louder, crasser celebs they’re compared to. The girls on Made In Chelsea love prosecco just as much as the rest of us, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone. Vegan sisters Lucy and Tiffany Watson are clever enough to know prosecco is animal friendly, while Binky, Jamie Laing, and Louise Thompson surely toasted the birth of Binky and JP’s daughter, India, with their flutes of fizz.

Let Caffe Lambro maintain that touch of class at your wedding with their beautifully styled fleet of vintage Italian mobile prosecco vans. With all these celebrity weddings and engagements this summer, maybe Binky and JP, or Louise and Ryan, will be putting a ring on it and booking us too.

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