Then and Now: BlacKkKlansman

I went to see Blackkklansman over the weekend, a film based on a true story about a black detective in the seventies who infiltrated the KKK. It was a great film, well-written, the casting and acting was fantastic and somehow the balance of taking a serious topic and making it accessible with moments of humour was very well-executed.

I felt uncomfortable throughout, physically uneasy, which was a reaction to the language and attitudes that separated black and white power back then. It’s telling of the progress we’ve made in moving away from the kind of language and treatment that used to be socially acceptable, it’s unfamiliar to me and my experience of society.

I did enjoy the film, the story, and the raising of this issue to a wider audience. I could have walked away thinking that was then, and that we live in a better time now, where things like that don’t go on but there was recorded footage after the film that shows the KKK is still marching across the U.S. and there was a fatality just last year. It was uncomfortable to watch, but with knowledge comes power. The more we are aware that Trump has inspired their re-emergence, the better equipped we are to put up a resistance.


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