Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Before my session I was a bundle of nervous excited energy, as if my higher self knew this was a big deal. I went down into the lower gardens and sat on a bench to meditate then prepared some questions I wanted to ask my subconscious.

Natalie’s house has an open peaceful feel to it, gorgeously styled with serenity, a place where I immediately felt calm and relaxed. We talked about my background, my story, and I filled in a form which included listing my cast of characters. That exercise alone got me thinking about who is important in my life, which was so simple yet so eye-opening.


The therapy itself was easy enough. I laid on a very comfortable bed, a little worried that I might fall asleep, but Natalie assured me that I would remain within the theta brainwave levels, and the more I spoke the deeper I would go. I visited two past lifetimes, and a brief visit to the afterlife, brought up by my subconscious. These particular stories were brought up to teach me something linked to this one. It felt strange, like I was making it up, yet I was telling myself these stories and teaching myself these lessons, for a reason. It was what I needed to know in order to understand my current lifetime.

Natalie then spoke to my subconscious directly, asking the questions I had prepared, and the answers it gave were pretty pivotal. Some answers confirmed what I know, and it was spooky to hear the subconscious say “She knows” meaning me. Some of the answers have reassured worries I was carrying, and has refocused my ambitions with a new sense of calm and confidence, while some of what was said was brand new information. It feels like I’m in tune with my subconscious in my waking life, but this was a spectacular lesson in clearing up any doubts I had before. The answers made sense, and a lot of my understanding came through with absolute clarity.

The final task Natalie asked of the subconscious was a body scan and healing, which was very effective. I physically felt the changes it made. My throat chakra has been consistently blocked, despite holistic treatments I’ve tried, and the source of that was finally identified as an emotional reaction from my childhood. I’ve worked out that I tried to protect my parents from the sadness I felt as a young child, and that I’ve carried guilt and resentment ever since, for not allowing myself to be the child in any scenario growing up and allowing myself to be as openly upset as I actually was.

In the days that have followed, and through listening to the recording, I have gone on to further understand and identify the steps I want to take. I now accept who I am, who I have been, and what I am capable of. I feel lighter and, with a new dose of self-confidence, ready for anything.

To book your own session or explore further what Natalie does, visit www.natalie-hall.com

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