Bringing People Together

Through working with The Shouting Mute I have noticed that I have some great contacts working in similar industries who could benefit from networking with each other. Just the other day, Dave said he was thinking about creating a series of short mockumentary films to share online and I immediately called my friend Jon James Smith, an award-winning filmmaker, who popped round for a chat. Within an hour they had brainstormed even more ideas for all kinds of footage, both serious and comical, and Jon seems to have been initiated into our creative team.

I’ve recommended actor friends and producers to each other, and I’m sure there are more opportunities to come for friends I haven’t even thought of yet. It’s a nice feeling to be able to mutually benefit people I am so fond of, and to push their ambitions forward like I do. It’s made me think about all the friends, and even ex-boyfriends, who I have helped, but especially all the students I have met through my working roles, coaching and supporting their education and pastoral dreams. I guess I have a bit of a knack for it.


I was looking for a writing group on meetup,com so that I could meet other local writers, but I couldn’t find one. Of course I thought “if there’s a book you want to read that hasn’t been written yet, write it”, so I started my own meetup group, hoping to find 5 or 6 writers to get together over coffee. I was shocked to see 53 people join, massively overbooking the group and the meetup I planned for Costa. We would easily fill the place and drink them out of coffee! We might need to relocate!

I’m thrilled to see so many local creative people looking for the same kind of group, and it’s made me realise I might have a lot to offer people like this. I have so much experience coaching and motivating people, as well as two degrees behind me, and plenty of published and unpublished writing practice that I could help even more people achieve their dreams. And now Dave and I have started talking about hosting writing workshops and collaborating… something that was predicted when I began working with him. So we’ll see what develops from all these exciting ideas and gatherings!

To join my new meetup group or just be nosy, click here to view The Write Place.

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