Happy New Year Highlights from 2018

So here it is, the year 2019, which looks strangely like we just woke up in a dystopian fiction novel. Some might say 2019 is the future we predicted, you might think we’re living in Orwell’s 1984, but that’s a whole other conversation. I’m still excited for the good things this year is bound to bring.

2019 Happy New Year glowing gold background. Vector illustration

I hope you celebrated the new year as joyfully as I did, in whatever way you like to celebrate. Some party hard, and some quietly contemplate the turning point from one year into another. I think I’m somewhere in between. Gallavanting across London, ringing in the new year while watching fireworks light up the entire cityscape from a rooftop party was magical but, now that I’m back at work and back in my routine, I am glad to have the balance of some downtime – to meditate on my gratitude and intentions for the new year.

I am grateful for so many things that happened in 2018, both good and bad, and mostly learnt that, whatever happens, you can change your life in a moment just by changing your perspective. It’s the meaning we attach to something that matters, not the event itself, and that applies to the law of attraction too. You just have to stay positive.

After sadly losing my little bestie, Jazzy, in February, I had to start looking at things from a different approach, and realised I was grateful for moving back to my hometown when I did to spend a few very happy months with her. It absolutely floored me at the time, and I still can’t quite believe she’s gone, but I’m thankful for the memories, of laughing and singing together, and the happiness we shared.

It’s mind-blowing to look back with hindsight and see how life works in a domino effect, one thing leading to the next. Thanks to a string of challenges at the beginning of the year, of losing friends, of making sacrifices to help others, and doing things I wouldn’t usually do, each little obstacle back then led me to the better half of the year, of reaping the rewards of a positive attitude and living, what I now think of as, my best life!!

There was a turning point in May, when I stumbled across the perfect little house for me. I wasn’t sure I could afford to live on my own, so before signing the contract I asked for a sign from the universe. Within the hour I had a new job offer completely out of the blue working as a Creative Enabler for The Shouting Mute, which not only meant I could afford the little house and have my own space again, but also returned me to the meaningful work that I’m passionate about. This led to an incredible combination of working with young people with disabilities, creative enabling, marketing and writing, continuing to blog for businesses, as well as taking on new clients who were looking for creative coaching. I went from one extreme to the other. It’s been a dream come true!

My work has immersed me in the creative world again, through arts events, through marketing, through social media platforms and SEO blogging, and all this creative thinking has given me the drive and motivation to focus on my own writing and looking at my own online presence and platform. As the year ends I am preparing to send out a crossover novel into the world of literary agents, and assessing ways to interact with my target market and potential readers.

After years of experimenting with the law of attraction, practicing authentic gratitude and trying to understand how to make manifestation work, it seems like I’ve finally begun to put the theories into practice and now live in a fairly consistent state of abundance! Of course there are always dips and troughs, but its been running pretty smoothly so far.

I decided to attract good things into my life by changing my environment, to surround myself with colours and textures at home that made me feel good, and it worked almost instantly. When my poor little car Suki gave up, I was heartbroken, but I did briefly wonder if the universe was making space in my life for my dream car. Within two weeks I was driving the car I always wanted, and believing in manifestation more than ever.

I’ve also attracted the believing mirrors I needed, surrounding me with the positive influences of old and new friends, and I was lucky enough to meet my boyfriend in September, who not only lives and breathes the creative world too, but encourages my writing and reads more than I do!

I have spent years second-guessing the good and bad in my life, and pushing things away, but I guess good karma does eventually find good people. I feel so lucky to be me lately and to feel in control of where I am headed. My new year intentions are pretty much the same every year but you have to make a wish to give it the chance to come true, so…

  1. Remember to be my own best friend
  2. Try to put myself first and schedule me time
  3. Express more gratitude and less complaints
  4. Treat my body more like a temple
  5. Have a novel published / be the next J.K. Rowling 😉

Like a time capsule, it will be weird to look back and reread this blog post this time next year, to see how things have changed and how things have worked in a domino effect towards 2020, which really does sound like the year for a dystopian novel and makes me wonder how much life will change in 365 days.

Happy new year to you all! I hope 2019 brings all of the happiness, success, and abundance you want and deserve!

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