Don’t worry about copyrights

51116794_2586511708030721_1883225880919015424_o (1)People worry about their stories being stolen. People worry about sending their work to other writers, proofreaders, friends, editors, even agents and publishers. The writers I work with often ask me about copyrights and whether they apply when sending work out. This is what I tell them…⠀

Copyrights have never been essential. Readers aren’t likely to steal a writer’s work. But back in the day you could cover your back by sending yourself your manuscript through the post and keep the proof of postage as evidence that you had the manuscript first. If the occasion should arise that you needed to prove that.⠀

This method still applies. As soon as you send your work out to anyone via email, you have digital proof of digital postage. That timestamp proves you were the first to have the work to send, and it therefore belongs to you. ⠀

It’s highly unlikely that you would ever need to prove that, because everyone tells a story in a different style from a different point of view. It’s probably pretty obvious who something belongs to compared to their other work.

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