Are you a planner or a pantser?

51143380_2589351337746758_5364355990256877568_oWriters swear by their own method. Some writers are planners and some writers are pantsers (flying by the seat of their pants). There are no rules, no right way. Everyone does it differently, and don’t listen to anyone that tries to push their rules on you.

Personally, I have to plan. Firstly, I spend a long time not writing, listening to the characters in my head while I’m washing up or driving. But once I’m ready to put words on the page, I plan.⠀

I start with my total word count (e.g. 75,000) divide that by chapters (usually 20 = 3,750 words per chapter) then list what happens in each. Then whatever feels strongest, I write first. It also depends on my mood.

I save my chapters as separate documents so I can jump around, and I write whatever piece of the puzzle is begging to be written at the time.⠀

I don’t necessarily know every detail before I start and I often have massive gaps in my plan but I just fill those in later. I feel like a detective putting all the clues together to see the bigger picture. Its pretty satisfying when I get to the end.


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