When one door closes

51547883_2589822121033013_1728253277511876608_oSome cliches are cliches for a reason. We say them to each other at pivotal moments because they’re helpful. They also remind us that we all go through the same issues at one time or another in our lives.

So when one door closes, you know another one opens. Whether that’s being rejected by an agent and querying another one, or quitting your job to change direction in your career, or even when one story idea goes stale and you start another one! That’s right, you don’t have to write one at a time, or even two at a time, you can do whatever you want. You can have as many projects on the go at once, and dip in and out of them, whenever you fancy. There are no rules, other than the rules you put on yourself!

The ‘no rules’ rule is absolutely key when it comes to creativity. That blank page, canvas, or stage is yours to make your mark on, in whichever way you choose. Writers, artists, and creatives all work from their own chosen set of rules, and they might teach these rules, but only you can decide what works for you. Most of us handpick our own toolkit and live by a particular process. However, there are a lot of people who have come to believe they know what works and what doesn’t, and they might try to convince you that their way is right way, or even the only way. This is absolutely not true. We are all exceptions to other people’s rules, because we all think, work and create in our own way.

I cannot say this enough: there are no rules to writing, it is entirely up to you what you do with it, who reads it, if you finish it, if it falls into a genre or category or not. And there aren’t any grownups around to stop you walking straight through that door and into a whole new story. What do you think you do differently? Hint: the answer is probably everything.

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