Give yourself time

51535873_303397007030600_2064596117831548928_nBefore they’ve published a best-seller and made enough money to write full time, how do writers find the time to write and still pay the bills? How do they live full balanced lives like everyone else and still craft that bestseller? What a tricky riddle.⠀

Luckily creative writing is a combination of two words – creativity and writing.⠀

There’s a lot of daydreaming that goes into coming up with a good story. It takes a long time to work out all the details of a plot, with twists and turns and unpredictable surprises. It takes a long time to find your way around a new setting, much like any new place you visit, until you know the streets and where they lead, until you know the locals and their subplots. It takes a long time to get to know your characters, to believe in them enough to hear their voices talking to you while you’re washing up, until they’re demanding that you finally sit down and write their story. And at this point, like so many people have said before, the story writes itself.⠀

Don’t worry so much about finding the time to write, think about your story and give it some time and space to grow and evolve on its own. When the story is ready and really wants to be written it will pour itself into the cracks of your life. Trust the creative process.

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