Other people’s houses

51313269_2596210147060877_4416541074072272896_nDo you ever pass other peoples houses, or fancy apartment buildings like this one, and wonder who lives there? Do you make up stories about the drama that might be unfurling behind those closed curtains? Well you should.⠀

Dreaming up the interiors of other peoples homes lays the foundation for your imagination to run wild, from the comfort of the bus, or while walking down the street in your very own neighbourhood. Just plant some made up characters inside the rooms and voila, you have a real life version of The Sims (a great game for practicing world, story and character building).

Real life can be inspiring, and you don’t have to be sat at a desk to be creative, you can practice while you’re out and about. Eavesdropping on the bus is a great prompt, catching a strange snippet of conversation can inspire an entire dialogue or story. Just make sure you’ve got a trusty notebook with you at all times

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