Where do you find inspiration?

51679642_2597511026930789_528874563363143680_nInspiration can come from some odd places. I’m a very visual creative, so I notice colours, shapes and patterns wherever I go, and I have an obsession with tiles like these. Where do you find inspiration?⠀

Perhaps the dirty concrete walls of a warehouse, the swishing sound of a pink taffeta skirt, or the smell of freshly cut grass. These are the kind of real life clues that we all notice in our daily lives, yet we so often miss when we’re writing. ⠀

These are the little details that will make your writing come to life, acting as anchors for the imagination, allowing the reader to enjoy a fully sensory experience of your imagined world as if they were there.⠀

Try it for yourself, intersperse the setting with a red postbox or the smell of lavender. Or read a book by Joanne Harris to see this technique executed beautifully. Her writing appeals to all the senses, even taste.

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