When is perfection achieved?

52598040_2613595055322386_1434289704135557120_nThis quote sums it all up perfectly for me. I find applying minimalism and simplicity, in most cases, very satisfying – you can choose to live with fewer belongings, less clutter, fewer commitments, and clear expanses of time, space, and solitude (perhaps to write in peace).

Of course, it also sums up the editing process perfectly too. It is not about endlessly adding to your manuscript, it’s about whittling it down until only the very best content is left.

Like a sculptor carves a work of art from a chunk of rock, your real task it to wade through your work and unearth the beauty that lies beneath the words.

Try to approach your work with the keen eye of an artist, an artist who wants to communicate a message – in the most beautiful but also the simplest way.

2 thoughts on “When is perfection achieved?

  1. Laine Summer

    I love the quote and your article Kerry. To liken creating a written piece to sculpting a piece from a rock is lovely.

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