Why you should get a cat

52274860_2610907978924427_1800641815959830528_oThis is Tomkin. I adore him and he adores me, even now, even though he moved in with my friend when I moved to Thailand and I couldn’t bring myself to separate them when I came back. He still loves me as much as I love him. He still dribbles and purrs when I visit.⠀

Over the years, Tomkin has been a very helpful writer’s cat. He has that mysterious intelligence and balance of consideration for my needs and his own that only a cat can have. He complimented my life alongside the drama of his own escapades – exploring new territory, falling in toilets, fighting other cats, and calling me for back up (true story).⠀

He tore up the critical notes that a tutor wrote on my first novel draft, he tried to feed me mice when I wasn’t eating right, he always knew when I was low and needed him to just be there beside me, and he distracted me from those tricky plot holes with perfect timing.⠀

Cats really are the perfect companions for writers, much more intuitive, sensitive, and quieter than humans. But they also teach us how to be part of someone else’s life and still put ourselves first, which is so important for a writer. ⠀

Get a cat. You won’t regret it

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