Write the book you want to read

52446253_2615100385171853_3860577314454634496_nOh this quote. This makes so much sense to me. This defines the whole ‘write for yourself’ thing, it takes away the debate about what’s popular in the current market, it stops you wondering if you’re just mimicking another author.

This is absolutely something I did. I went to the book shop in search of a book, for advice, for guidance, for specific instructions in a time of need. There were plenty of books that almost itched that scratch, but not the book I was really looking for. So I wrote it.

That’s what we all need to do, write the books we need to read. Because you are a citizen of the world, you are a reader, you are the audience you want to write for. People like you, people who understand you, people who share your point of view.

So forget what other people like, or what’s popular, or what sells. What is the book you want to give the world? What is the message you need to get across? What is the book you need to read above all others? What is the book you have to write in your lifetime? What is the book you want to leave as your legacy? That’s the book you were born to write.

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