Dialogue can be tricky

52392480_2618103541538204_6534084870124077056_nDialogue can be tricky, but it can’t really be avoided. To keep the pace of your narrative you should absolutely break it up with some fast flowing dialogue. Even starting with a first person monologue works beautifully to immediately immerse the reader in the scene.

Don’t be afraid of dialogue. If you find it difficult, practice. Eavesdrop on conversations and translate conversations on to the page. You have to write them out word for word to get the feel of natural conversation. It may surprise you to see it on the page, it may not look how you expected it to

The way we speak isn’t necessarily the way we would write that same message, but that’s what speech marks are for. They give you permission to write phonetically, in different accents, to swear, to use slang, to misspell words in the way a character would mispronounce them.

Dialogue can be tricky. It can also be very fun. Play around with it, and you’ll soon begin to love the looser rules and creative possibilities. You might go on to write an entire script. It’s up to you.

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