Making dreams come true

51839687_2619268094755082_4835408107507023872_oIn my day job I support a disabled writer/director @theshoutingmute and this week we’re at a @nationalyouththeatre masterclass for writing and directing @theatredeli in London.

What I’ve observed so far is that young people today seem to have more opportunities than I did at their age. They’re being taught how to chase their dreams with proper guidance. They’re learning the full spectrum of information they need to actually make it happen

It’s fantastic that this has changed, but it has also made me realise that, although I didn’t have the same information and opportunities available to me, my dream didn’t die. I have spent years finding out these things on my own, because it’s all I want to do. There is nothing else I would rather do than write, so there’s no way I will ever quit.

I know a lot about writing that I’ve learnt on my own. I’ve also paid to study degrees, attend special courses that range from a week to a weekend to a day to an hour, and it’s always been worth it. There is always something new to learn, and that becomes something to apply to my writing, and teach someone else.

The lessons I’ve learnt on my own I aim to make available to others, so that other writers don’t have to struggle like I did. I know what I was missing, and I want to fill that gap. Even during courses I took there were missing topics that should have been covered, like how to get an agent and publisher.

We can all achieve our dreams. If we share what we know and support each other on the way up. We all have different stories to tell from different points of view, we are all individual storytellers with our own unique selling points. There is no competition to fear, only dreams to be made. The time will pass anyway, so make it count.

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