Should you write what you know?

53050605_2624162064265685_9060508255674957824_nThey say ‘write what you know’ but when you’re writing genres and characters that are the opposite extreme of your life experience, how can you possibly write what you know?

Don’t use that as an excuse. Don’t avoid subjects you don’t know. Do your research, get experience, use your imagination. Tell the stories that won’t be told by someone else, just write them from the perspective you do know. Yours.

You have a unique voice, a unique point of view, and a unique talent. Makethe most of what you’ve got and ignore any limitations you think there are, or anyone tells you there are. You can write about anything and anyone. You can claim to know as much or as little as you like

Writing fiction means you can make it up as you go along, writing fiction means you make the rules, writing fiction means no one has the right to question you whether they agree with you or not. You’re the decision-maker in your world. Not them.

Decorate the world with your stories. Bring the untold stories to the people who need to know them. The stories you don’t know, the stories that people like you, in your corner of the world, wouldn’t get to read

Combine what you know with what you don’t know, explore the possibilities of your creativity and push your writing as far as it can go. Write outside the box, write outside your comfort zone. You’ll surprise yourself with the things you didn’t know you know.

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