Writing by moonlight

53469065_2642963545718870_8921937616975167488_nAre you an early bird or a night owl? Do you write morning pages while the sun rises, sipping on your coffee, or dimly lit by moonlight with a sleepy chamomile tea? We all find our creativity flowing at odd times – while driving, while washing up, while wallowing in the bath – and many of us regret the ideas we’ve lost as we’re falling asleep, believing we’ll remember them in the morning

I do keep a notebook by my bed for moments like that, but when I’m heavy with sleep I still convince myself that I’ll remember my ideas when I wake up, just so I don’t have to open my eyes. And then I forget them, of course, and wish I had sat up in the moonlight to catch the ideas as they floated by.

Moonlight has a magical tone, an undeniable presence in the sky that covers us all in a blanket of stars. Moonlight is the strangely perfect light for writing, for creativity, and for chasing our dreams.

The moon is pivotal in many spiritual lives as a way to refresh and renew our intentions. With each new moon, we have the chance to practice our own rituals – to refocus our dreams and set our manifestations in motion. Have you set your intentions for this new moon?

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