Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Before my session I was a bundle of nervous excited energy, as if my higher self knew this was a big deal. I went down into the lower gardens and sat on a bench to meditate then prepared some questions I wanted to ask my subconscious.

Natalie’s house has an open peaceful feel to it, gorgeously styled with serenity, a place where I immediately felt calm and relaxed. We talked about my background, my story, and I filled in a form which included listing my cast of characters. That exercise alone got me thinking about who is important in my life, which was so simple yet so eye-opening.


The therapy itself was easy enough. I laid on a very comfortable bed, a little worried that I might fall asleep, but Natalie assured me that I would remain within the theta brainwave levels, and the more I spoke the deeper I would go. I visited two past lifetimes, and a brief visit to the afterlife, brought up by my subconscious. These particular stories were brought up to teach me something linked to this one. It felt strange, like I was making it up, yet I was telling myself these stories and teaching myself these lessons, for a reason. It was what I needed to know in order to understand my current lifetime.

Natalie then spoke to my subconscious directly, asking the questions I had prepared, and the answers it gave were pretty pivotal. Some answers confirmed what I know, and it was spooky to hear the subconscious say “She knows” meaning me. Some of the answers have reassured worries I was carrying, and has refocused my ambitions with a new sense of calm and confidence, while some of what was said was brand new information. It feels like I’m in tune with my subconscious in my waking life, but this was a spectacular lesson in clearing up any doubts I had before. The answers made sense, and a lot of my understanding came through with absolute clarity.

The final task Natalie asked of the subconscious was a body scan and healing, which was very effective. I physically felt the changes it made. My throat chakra has been consistently blocked, despite holistic treatments I’ve tried, and the source of that was finally identified as an emotional reaction from my childhood. I’ve worked out that I tried to protect my parents from the sadness I felt as a young child, and that I’ve carried guilt and resentment ever since, for not allowing myself to be the child in any scenario growing up and allowing myself to be as openly upset as I actually was.

In the days that have followed, and through listening to the recording, I have gone on to further understand and identify the steps I want to take. I now accept who I am, who I have been, and what I am capable of. I feel lighter and, with a new dose of self-confidence, ready for anything.

To book your own session or explore further what Natalie does, visit www.natalie-hall.com

Sending Out My Work

It’s taken me years to actually send out one of my novels to agents. Literally years.

It wasn’t that I was scared of rejection, I expected rejection. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to do it, I totally knew. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford the current ‘Writers and Artists Yearbook’, I bought one every year. It wasn’t that my novels weren’t ready, all three of them had been written and rewritten enough to warrant querying agents. I can’t quite put my finger on what stopped me, so I’m assuming it was the usual – a fear of the unknown. Even though I know that fear inside out, even though I live with, and talk about, that fear in my daily life. Even though I haven’t let that fear stop me from doing much bigger, much scarier things. I mean, I even write about that fear. It creeps into everything I write.

Anyway. I did it. I finally sent ‘Lucy Jekyll & Margo Hyde’ to umpteen agents, and have been receiving rejections ever since. That’s fine. It seems more like that was my practice run, and by working through the yearbook, getting to know all of the literary agents and what they’re looking for, I’ve made the unfamiliar familiar, and much less scary. I know now which agents would be interested in ‘Little Lost’, ‘Spoons’, and my non-fiction book proposal ‘How One Person Can Change The World’.

I feel much more prepared for this process now that I know how it works, and despite all of the reading and research I covered over the years, desperately trying to work out how it’s done, the only way to know was to actually do it myself. So if you’re hesitating, unsure how to go about it and catch the eye of an agent, just do it. You do know how. Just send everything to everyone. I’m always up for having a conversation if you need one.

This is a huge hurdle I’ve climbed over, and a huge milestone in my progress as a writer. I’m pretty proud of myself over here. Yay me. Now to send the next novel out into the world…


Then and Now: BlacKkKlansman

I went to see Blackkklansman over the weekend, a film based on a true story about a black detective in the seventies who infiltrated the KKK. It was a great film, well-written, the casting and acting was fantastic and somehow the balance of taking a serious topic and making it accessible with moments of humour was very well-executed.

I felt uncomfortable throughout, physically uneasy, which was a reaction to the language and attitudes that separated black and white power back then. It’s telling of the progress we’ve made in moving away from the kind of language and treatment that used to be socially acceptable, it’s unfamiliar to me and my experience of society.

I did enjoy the film, the story, and the raising of this issue to a wider audience. I could have walked away thinking that was then, and that we live in a better time now, where things like that don’t go on but there was recorded footage after the film that shows the KKK is still marching across the U.S. and there was a fatality just last year. It was uncomfortable to watch, but with knowledge comes power. The more we are aware that Trump has inspired their re-emergence, the better equipped we are to put up a resistance.


The Vegan Debate

I like my vegan journey, and I like my flexible eating habits, but sometimes it seems less hassle not to use the v word at all, so that I could eat whatever I want in peace.

I’m not attacking you by requesting vegan cheese, I’m not trying to have a debate over dinner. Enjoy your cheesy pizza, and appreciate the fact that I won’t go into a dairy-induced coma and need carrying home.

I’m mostly vegan. Mostly, because I slip up now and again, still eat organic eggs, and believe it is better to keep the bees in their homes than not eat honey. What I eat is my business, and most people agree with that, so why do I deserve to be criticised by other vegans? At no point did I sign myself up for a witch hunt. And at no point have I made a soapbox stand about my reasons for choosing to eat the way I do.

I have made an informed choice, I have done my research, I have read and highly recommend reading ‘Skinny Bitch’, as well as Alicia Silverstone’s ‘The Kindness Diet’, and I happily announce to fields of cows that “I don’t eat you, you’re welcome”. But I don’t go around analysing what other people eat, nor do I offer the knowledge I have about these gruesome things unless they ask me about it.



The truth is I’m lactose intolerant, so eating vegan has become a very effective way to avoid my nemesis. Cutting out certain foods has made me feel better in myself, so technically I’m vegan for health reasons, but I am also one less person eating meat and consuming dairy. Isn’t that good enough?

For vegans everywhere, and the people around them, food has become an ongoing political debate. The intention of vegans is to live a more ethical, cruelty-free lifestyle. The objective is to reduce the consumption of animal products.

So vegans should support the people who eat less of these things, people who choose a plant-based diet, even the usually carnivorous people who choose to go meat-free one day a week. We’re all making a difference, however small. We’re having productive conversations, and public opinion is changing. Even Jamie Oliver said “The future is about a plant-based diet”. We’re making progress in the right direction.

So I have a request, to all the vegans out there, to stop arguing and start talking. To stop trying to force beliefs upon people who didn’t ask for them, using negative scare tactics and criticism. You’ve made your choice, and it probably took you a long time and a lot of personal research before you came to your conclusion. Have a conversation by all means, but don’t attack or accuse people, or shove horrific images in their faces. The imagination is vivid enough. Just enjoy your healthier food and healthier bodies, and watch as more and more people choose vegan too, in their own time, for their own reasons. Show don’t tell, just set a positive example. People will soon ask why you look healthier and seem more energetic. And recommend the film Okja as much as you can.

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

And So It Begins… With An Epiphany…

I woke up this morning to an exciting epiphany. Through the remnants of a strange dream I realised that the people who invoke an emotional reaction in me, whether that’s a level of attraction, jealousy, or simply respect and admiration, all have something in common. They are all change-makers, activists, in one way or another, doing something to make a difference. Even the fictional characters who I identify with have a do-good purpose to their journeys.

It got me thinking, and it got me writing, sat up amongst the pillows, sleepy-dust in my eyes, scribbling ideas frantically, making the connections like a detective stringing all the clues together. It was staring me in the face all along. I have been consistently triggered by people doing what I’m here to do and ignoring the giant flashing neon signs.

I’m surrounding myself with these kinds of people, mirrors reflecting back at me the kind of person I have always been. I care, I nurture, I strive to make the world a better place, and I knew that was the real intention behind my work – to achieve something meaningful, to unearth the issues we ignore, to create ripples. That was the message at the core of my work, but I felt too small and overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Now I’ve captured the beast, I can finally harness my driving force.

I have often been a voice for those that needed me to speak up, I have championed the underdog and fought for other people’s rights, protested when their voice was too small, insisted that everyone be heard. But the time has come for this voice to make a much bigger difference. The time has come to turn up the volume.

So I’m making this public commitment now, to refocus my actions and my writing, specifically towards making a difference, specifically towards being a voice for others. Not only am I going to get involved in groups striving to make positive changes, but I’m going to write and create the ripples we need to understand and improve our world.