Little Lost

‘Little Lost’ follows the narratives of two foster children whose lives become entwined when Jacob knocks Cecily unconscious. Haunted by the memory of her father’s murder, Cecily finds herself locked in her mind with her memories, while Jacob’s guilt sends him into detective mode when her comatose body goes missing. We switch between their two voices, as solving the mystery of Cecily’s past seems to be the key to all of their problems.

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dark cityscape

Lucy Jekyll & Margo Hyde

‘Lucy Jekyll and Margo Hyde’ is the story of a young woman living in a small village, unaware that she is living two different lives under two different personas. 


In the morning she is Lucy, a bitter recluse who believes her neighbours are personally attacking her, and in the afternoon she becomes Margo, the polar opposite. Margo is sociable, popular, and believes herself to be twice her actual age. When Margo decides to pursue a romantic relationship, then wakes up as Lucy in a stranger’s home, she causes mayhem throughout the village. The balancing act of their dual lives begins to unravel, with devastating consequences.


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