Creative Writing Workshops

Kerry leads creative writing workshops affectionately called The Write Place, which aim to inspire, motivate, and develop the talents of aspiring writers of all ages through a planned programme of material. Sessions can be focused on one of the following topics, a combination of topics, or you are welcome to book a course of regular workshops for your group of students.

  • Fiction & Genres
    • Character, heroes & villains, family & friends
    • Setting, map-making, world-building
    • Plot points, climaxes, beginnings & endings
    • Chapter planning and word counts
  • Scriptwriting & Dialogue
    • Character, setting, plot
    • Formatting
    • Writing for stage & radio
  • Blogging & Non-Fiction
    • Writing for businesses
    • Blogging & reporting
    •  Marketing
    • Platform-building
  • Poetry & Lyrics
    • Examining the rules of traditional poetry
    • Writing poetry without rules
    • Writing spoken word poetry for performance
    • Writing lyrics for songwriting without music

Through booking a collection of workshops, a selection of topics can be covered in detail, as well as a final session that focuses on relevant marketing, building platform, and routes into publication. Please submit a query below to request a collection tailored to the needs of your group.